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A Journey into India

A Journey into India

A Journey into India – follows my journey around India in 2010. What I was able to capture on my video camera. The array of places I saw and just the sheer beauty that India encapsulates. Majority of the people are unknown to me in this video. 40% of the material was recorded with Intrepid Travel tour, which was a wonderful way to get around. But to know India one has to spend sometime there and feel the beat off the country. I am very fortunate for having done volunteer work in New Delhi at the beautiful Baha’i Lotus Temple. Also teaching young children at Rabbani Baha’i School located on the outskirts of Gwalior. Throughout my travels I was also able to see many Baha’i communities which was a blessing. I feel all young adults need to at some point get out of their comfort zone and do some traveling. A year of service would also suffice as you realise the importance of service. Traveling & service makes us see the real world. It puts things in perspective. Where we need to to put our efforts to improve mankind. I still feel that education in developing countries is a weak link and more efforts need to be put towards that. In developed countries I think the weakness lies in the lack of “spiritual and moral education”. I hope… I can only hope but also by working and involving myself at a grass root level to be bring upon such change. I hope we can all work on this together to bring about transformation.

This is my way of saying how much I love India and the wonderful experience I had, my Homage, my Journey, my Love 🙂

Soothing Music from AR Rahman
Latika’s Theme Song – Slumdog Millionaire
Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera – Swades
Also some Music from an old man in an Hindu Temple
Video was Shot on Canon HV40 DV and Nikon D90.

Video was made complete in 3rd April 2011

Sharing it in my blog for the 1st time 🙂